About WTP

The tennis market lacks a combined international ranking program specifically designed for players and coaches. Currently, it is not possible to attend international tournaments and gain points or a ranking/rating, except through ATP/WTA and ITF. Obviously, there are many different national systems that protect specific goals and national interests. Additionally, the new ITF/ATP/WTA systems are making it more difficult for newcomers to start a career. We see a need of prize money tournaments that also can be combined as independent prize money tournament, pre-qualifications in future or as a separate tour attached to a World Ranking.

The purpose of our project is to offer a platform for players, coaches, and all ranking systems to be used nationally and internationally. Simultaneously, we are creating possibilities for sponsors to enter a complete program instead of supporting only one athlete.

The aim is to introduce a complete new combined world ranking. WTP recognizes all other systems and combines them in to one platform. This allows the possibility to play tournaments over national borders and still gain points at home or at the ATP/ITF/WTA level. WTP does not compete with other systems. WTP brings athletes, event managers, and coaches together. It is the overall aim of WTP to introduce a ranking to students that are beginning to play the game. Start-up players can achieve WTP points depending of skill level through an assessment program. Such evaluations can only be done by a PTCA certified assessor.

We will start to develop the digital ID-card for all participants. WTP will use the UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) system to promote UTR as a worldwide rating system. UTR is a rating system, whereas WTP is a ranking system. The difference is that all systems are valued in the WTP combined ranking, including UTR.